Welcome to the website for the Barony of Ered Sul, in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Ered Sul spans most of Northern Arizona. Thank you for visiting us and your interest in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).10469676_10152328943484613_7353327422885430113_n

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JANUARY 2017 –

Greetings to the Populace of Ered Sul.

Starting today the Kingdom is accepting letters of intent for the next B&B. The guidelines will are listed below and if you have an questions please direct them to the Crown (crown@ atenveldt.org) or the Kingdom Seneschal, Posadnitsa Natal’ia Diekova vdova Rabynovicha (seneschal@ atenveldt.org).
  1. Baronial candidates must be current paid members, and must receive their Southwind or have an SCA membership in a Zip Code belonging to the Barony of Ered Sul.
  2. Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Candidates must have Letters of Intent in the hands of the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Baron and Baroness no later than January 31, 2017. Letters should be written with the understanding that (if accepted by the Crown), the letters will be published in the The Higher Word for the populace to review prior to the polling.
  4. Candidates must include the below information in their Letter of Intent:
    1. Full contact information, including SCA and modern names, addresses, phone numbers, email, and membership numbers and expiration date
    2. Their reasons for seeking the position
    3. Their history of participation in the SCA and the Barony of Ered Sul
    4. Their plans for the future of the group
    5. Their understanding of the responsibilities of the position of Baron and Baroness
    6. Their statement that they are willing to be installed with a three year initial warrant in the position, and understand their Letter of Intent will be published in The Higher Word if their candidacy is accepted by the Crown.