The Officers

Open Offices can be found here

Lady Bebinn O’Brien
Viviane Seals
seneschal @

Exchequer / Reeve:
Lord Vincent Blackwell
David Prizio
Exchequer @

Minister of Arts and Sciences:
Lord Christopher Of Peckingham
Christopher Peckham
the_Kranken @ 

Lady Solveug At Rauda
Nancy Rhoades
march4tay @

Hardsuit Marshal:
Sir Thaddeus Legolas
marshal @

Deputy Hardsuit Marshal:
Lord Thorne of Ered Sul
Pickjt @

Rapier Marshal:
Lady Gianna
Jennifer Corrigan
rapier @

Deputy Rapier Marshal:
Lord Friedrich Swartzen Hut

Equestrian Marshal: OPEN

Archery Marshal:
Chang Maille
Jared Nighimoto
archery @

Deputy Archery Marshal:
Lord Ivar of Elsinore
Don Fisher
donfisher @

Lady Katherine Tapester
Kathleen Sweebe
kathleen.sweebe @


Master Roger Von Allenstein
David Hodge
Allenstein49 @

m’Lord Caius Anthony Hortensia
Sheriff @

Lord Leolin Blackwell
leofenris @

Webmistress/Social Media Officer:
THL Æsa Öngull
web @

Gold Key:
Lady Idunn of the Citadel
chatelaine @



2 thoughts on “The Officers

  1. Andrew! Good afternoon. I’ll let the webminister know about the dead link. So sorry about that.
    Feel free to email me directly at I am the current chatelaine.

    In service to the dream,
    Lady Idunn of the Citadel

  2. Hello, I would like to see how I go about joining SCA. I tried to email the Chatelelaine, but the link would not take me there.

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