Open Offices

The Barony has several offices we are looking to fill. If you are interested or have questions to what the office involves please email seneschal @

Please note that most offices do have requirements such as attending certain events and writing reports and that you will need to be a paid member to hold any office.

Open Offices:

Deputy Seneschal
Knight Marshal
Waiver Secretary
Equestrian Marshal
Deputy Arts & Sciences Minister
Deputy Archery Marshal
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Chronicler
Deputy Gold Key
Exchequer will be open in April 2017


The position of Seneschal includes but is not limited to: The seneschal is the legal and administrative representative of the Barony. They work closely with the baron and baroness (coronets) and acts as an adviser on baronial policy and kingdom law to help guide decisions and to remain compliant. The seneschal keeps the coronets apprised of matters or issues within the barony or kingdom and acts as a member of the financial committee. The seneschal will review event bids and prepare them for review by others. They, or their deputy, will run financial meetings and officer meetings as necessary to discuss business items.

The position of Exchequer includes but is not limited to: The Exchequer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Barony, supervising the finances of the Barony, and assembling financial reports and submitting them to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer in a timely fashion. Be familiar with the Financial Polices of the SCA and the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Work gate at events and manage the baronial budgets.

The requirements for all of these positions are:
You must be a current member of the SCA, Inc.
You must maintain your SCA Membership for the duration of your term in office.
Terms of office in is traditionally two years.
The applicant must be at least 18 years of age in order to hold this office.
It is recommended that the officer have a working telephone number and regular access to email and the officers Facebook Group.