Populace & Awards

Populace & Awards

11845095_10205570372071474_2076214387384359050_oWe have approximately 75 members in the Barony of Ered Sul who live across Northern Arizona.  They include people from all walks of life: singles, families, students, seniors, etc., who, just like you; work, attend school, volunteer for our favorite organizations, and participate in the SCA in their free time.  For some, it’s their full-time hobby.  For others, it’s an event in which they participate a few times each year.  There is a place in this amazing organization for all of us, including you!

Below is a list of the barony-level awards that our members may be eligible to receive at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness.  You can recommend a member of the Barony of Ered Sul for an award by contacting the Baron and Baroness.

You can read the full award charter and see who already has the awards by following the link in the award title.

Kingdom-level awards may be found on the Kingdom of Atenveldt website.  Nominations for kingdom-level awards can be made on the Atenveldt Award Recommendations page.

  • bes_gilded_heart2 Gilded Heart Award for Populace members who render great service to Their Excellencies and the populace of the Barony of Ered Sul.
  • bes_golden_star2 Golden Star Award for Populace members who demonstrate excellence in the arts and sciences.
  • bes_gilded_shield2 Gilded Shield  Award for Populace members who show excellence in the fighting arts, including heavy weapons, fencing, light weapons, and archery.
  • bes-mountain-lilly2 Mountain Lily Award for Populace members who consistently display exceptional courtesy and grace.
  • bes_golden_tower2 Golden Tower Award for a household that renders great service to Their Excellencies and the Barony of Ered Sul. The award is held for only one year and is given every year at Too Darn Hot (the baronial birthday party). The household is entitled to fly a banner with a representation of the award for the entire year that they hold the award.
  • bes_gilded_annulet2 Gilded Annulet Award for Populace members who demonstrate service to the barony above and beyond expectation.
  • bes_mount_flame2 Order of the Mount and Flame Award for outside the barony Populace members who demonstrate service to the barony above and beyond expectation.

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